We can compete mixing and mastering in 5-10 days. But for an additional fee we can do it within 48 hours.

We accept payment via PayPal, MasterCard, Visa, American Express, Discover Network, etc.

Yes, but for this you need to contact us by e-mail: audio2mixing@gmail.com

File format .wav. Each track must be exported from zero seconds on the timeline + export demo songs. Exported tracks must be without audio effects. The beat / instrumental must be original (not exported from a project with other tracks). All sent files must be in the archive (all popular formats).

The file format is .wav, the song should already be mixed.

Mixing & mastering is a laborious process. Full prepayment is taken to ensure the seriousness of the intentions of the customer.

Yes, for this you need to pay extra $5 (specify in the description which vocal parts should remain in the version for the performance), we also export the mixed tracks of a capella and beat/instrumental separately for $10.

If your project contains more than 16 or 32 tracks, then for each additional track you have to pay $2.

If you aren't satisfied with the completed project, then you can get 2 changes for free. If you want more than two changes in your project, then for each change you have to pay $10.